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Difficult relationships suck! They make you feel miserable, exhausted, angry and most of all, just really really sad.

And yet you find yourself in them again and again.

There’s fighting and crying, and over time you somehow become the saddest version of yourself. You know it isn’t right, but you love him and can’t bring yourself to leave. So you stay and waste valuable time.

And then it’s over.

You’ve worked hard to heal and to get to a really good, peaceful place. And life is good now! Things at work are going great, and you’ve got awesome girlfriends. It’s your relationships with men that you just can’t seem to get right.

And you’re scared to try again, because you just want to be happy.

Do you wish all the drama would stop for good? Do you wish you could understand exactly what you’re doing to attract the wrong men into your life? Would you like to be in a relationship that’s relaxing, easy, even fun?

Check out my newest YourTango article, How To INSTANTLY Stop Having Drama-Filled Relationships, to find out how to start meeting BETTER men and have healthier relationships, right away.

It’s time to kiss Mr. Right hello and kiss all the drama goodbye.

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