7 Surprising Ways to Become TOTALLY Irresistible to Men

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Using the wrong body language can instantly kill your chance of meeting someone special. And knowing the RIGHT way to use your body can make all the difference.

I just got back from co-hosting a matchmaking conference on a cruise ship in Mexico! I invited one of my favorite people, body language expert Janine Driver, to speak to the 50 matchmakers who attended. I’ve worked with Janine in the past and absolutely LOVE her! In fact, I got certified at Janine’s Body Language Institute in DC a few years back to teach my clients how to use their bodies to find love. Here she is during her presentation…


As always, Janine was amazing and her talk was super interesting. Here are seven surprising and easy-to-use body language tips that will make you irresistible to men.

1. Frame yourself – If you’re at a bar or a party and want to get noticed, position yourself at the center of the action instead of standing off to the side. Janine likes to say, “Frame yourself to fame yourself”. Whoever stands in the center of the group is perceived as the most important.

2. If you’re talking with a man that you like, your belly button and feet should face him. If your body is facing away, it gives the impression that you want to be elsewhere.

3. Did you know the drink you order actually impacts how you think and are perceived? If you hold a cold drink in your hand, you’re more likely to think,“What’s in this for me?” – and you’ll be perceived as more self-centered. So what should you order? Hold a stemmed glass like a martini or wine. Even better, hold a hot drink like a warm tea. When you hold a warm drink, you’re more open and receptive and are perceived as warmer. Isn’t this body language stuff cool? (no pun intended)

4. When you dress for your date, wear red! Colors make you appear more friendly, warm and happy. And red is literally HOT. Here’s another tip for choosing your outfit. Don’t wear a scarf or high-necked shirt. Instead, wear a V-neck or a scoop neck, and you’ll be perceived as more open and warm.

5. If you meet someone in a bar, smile and shake his hand! Did you know that people who shake hands (in any situation) are twice as likely to be remembered? However… if you’re greeting your date, I prefer a hug. They’re so warm, and it’s a great way to make someone new feel comfortable.

6. If you’re on a dinner date, don’t sit directly across from your date. It’s best to sit on the corner of a square table or side-by-side at the bar. If you are across from one another, angle your chair. Sitting face-to-face can be stressful.

And here’s a tip I think is SO interesting…

7. When you’re on a date, move from place to place instead of sitting in one spot the whole time. Maybe have a drink at the bar, and then move to a table for dinner. Then suggest a stroll or go get ice cream or dessert. When you move from place to place, you’ll both feel as if you’ve “known each other forever”. Our body language expert, Janine, says this is a great way to create a connection.

So what do you think about these tips? Have you been doing everything wrong or did you already know some of these? Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Here are some photos from the 2016 Matchmakers Alliance Conference. As you can see, it was a lot of fun!

And later in the evening…

I love my job, and I also love my colleagues. I feel blessed to be in the LOVE industry and also to be connected with YOU!