If you’ve been unsuccessful meeting the love of your life (or even a man you can stand dating for more than two weeks), it’s NOT your fault! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you – it’s your STRATEGY.


And when you learn a new strategy, you get new results!

As an award winning matchmaker and dating coach, I’ve been matching couples and coaching women for over eight years, and here’s what I know: Finding the love of your life is not reserved for the select few. It’s reserved for those with the right strategy.

When it comes to finding Mr. Right, it’s not just about learning a few dating tricks. It’s about a whole new approach to dating.

I’ve devoted my life to helping awesome women like you, finally find LOVE. I teach women an entirely new way to date (unlike anything they’ve tried before) so they stop wasting time and energy on the wrong men and quickly find the RIGHT ONE.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if dating was no longer frustrating? And men were a cinch to understand? And your calendar was jam-packed full of dates with quality men?

What if dating could be FUN?!

I understand your time is valuable. You don’t have time to waste on bad dates and miserable relationships. You want FAST, life-changing results – I get it! And I’m on it.

Can you tell how excited I am to help you find LOVE? OMG – I can’t wait! There’s so much I want to teach you! I’m so happy that you’re here!

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“The Universe generously rewards those who fearlessly and proactively create opportunity in their lives.” ~Michelle Jacoby